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Blue Flower Sailor's Valentine Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • $495.00

Trace the lineage of seashells, guardians of maritime lore. Once revered as talismans of protection and symbols of wealth, these oceanic gems bore witness to the sailor's longing. Far from home, sailors fashioned intricate mementos from seashells, poetic tokens of devotion exchanged across vast distances. Inspired by these maritime romances, our collection echoes the sentiment of yesteryears. Through Melissa's craftsmanship, seashells transform into timeless pieces, merging history's affectionate whispers with the elegance of silver and gold. Embrace the legacy of luck, love, and maritime mystique carried by each finely reimagined shell.


  • Sterling silver
  • Blue operculum, tiny shells, and pearl
  •  Reversible compass design
  •  Sapphire crystal cover
  • 30 mm high x 20 mm wide x 8 mm deep