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Medium Sunflower Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver

  • $750.00

Throughout history, seashells have served as sources of good luck, decoration, and even currency. Beginning in the Victorian period, shells were used to create gorgeous mosaics called sailor’s valentines, which were encased within octagonal wooden frames and crafted in Barbados. Whalemen returning from their lengthy voyages would give them to their loved ones that they hadn’t seen for many years. Taking her cue from those creations, Melissa has reimagined the original sailor’s valentines as exquisite pieces of fine jewelry. Features of this piece include:

  • Sterling silver
  • Lava sand, sea urchin spines, and dyed vintage rice shells
  • Reversible compass design
  • Sapphire crystal cover
  • Medium Size Pendant 41 mm high x 29 mm wide x 8.5 mm deep
  • Chain sold separately