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Sailors Valentine Medium Size Pendant in Gold

  • $15,950.00

We are introducing our exquisite 14k Yellow Gold Sailor's Valentine, a masterpiece that elevates the timeless artistry of seashells. Like the traditional sailor's valentines, this piece encapsulates the charm of intricate mosaics meticulously crafted by sailors during the Victorian era.

However, what sets this creation apart is its extraordinary touch of luxury. Within the octagonal 14k yellow gold frame lies a mesmerizing interior design, adorned with the brilliance of a diamond halo or frame, glistening in 14k yellow gold. The addition of diamonds adds a touch of enchantment, elevating the piece to a level of luxury that's truly captivating.

Each element in this Sailor's Valentine is thoughtfully handcrafted from the finest materials, showcasing the artistry and devotion that goes into every detail. It's a celebration of history, craftsmanship, and luxury.

Wearing this extraordinary Sailor's Valentine, you not only embrace tradition but also add a touch of luxury to your style. It's a cherished piece that radiates timeless beauty and can be treasured for future generations.

  • 14K yellow gold
  • Diamonds, salt water cultured pearls, vintage cup shells, pink apple blossom shells
  • Reversible compass design
  • Sapphire crystal cover
  • 41 mm high x 29 mm wide x 8.5 mm deep