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Dragonfly Sailor's Valentine Pendant in Sterling Silver

  • $825.00

Journey through time to the enduring allure of seashells, symbols of good luck and intricate beauty. In the Victorian era, sailors transformed seashells into exquisite mosaics encased within octagonal wooden frames crafted in Barbados. Imagine the anticipation and love as whalemen, returning from lengthy voyages, gifted these sailors' valentines to distant loves.

Inspired by love and craftsmanship, Melissa has reimagined these valentines as fine jewelry. History and artistry merge as seashells find new life in silver and gold. Wear a piece of history, luck, and love beautifully reimagined.

This year, we introduce a touch of magic, inserting tiny, handcrafted creatures and scenes made from natural materials into selected pieces. These small additions bring mystery and surprise to your jewelry, creating a sense of delight for years to come!

  • Sterling silver
  • Shells, sea urchin spines, gemstones, pearls, and dragon fly
  • Reversible compass design
  • Sapphire crystal cover
  • Mini Pendant 30 mm high x 20 mm wide x 8 mm deep
  • Chain sold separately