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Sea Urchin Spine Sailor's Valentine

  • $725.00

Trace the lineage of seashells, once revered as guardians of maritime lore, symbols of protection and prosperity. These oceanic gems, witnesses to sailors' yearning, held stories etched by distant shores. Across vast expanses, seashells became vessels of affection, tokens of devotion exchanged amidst the tides. Inspired by this romantic legacy, our collection honors the sentiment of bygone eras. Under Melissa's skilled hands, seashells metamorphose into timeless treasures, their whispers of history interwoven with the splendor of diamond and gold. Embrace this legacy, where luck, love, and maritime mystique converge, each finely reimagined shell adorned with the brilliance and everlasting allure of diamonds and gold.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Rare sea urchin spines, white rice shells, starfish and pearl center
  • Reversible compass design
  • Sapphire crystal cover
  • Medium size 41 mm high x 29 mm wide x 8.5 mm deep