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Winter Wonderland Sailors Valentine

  • $5,200.00

Across centuries, seashells have held roles as bearers of fortune, adornment, and even a form of currency. The Victorian era saw the birth of intricate sailor’s valentines, stunning mosaics fashioned from shells and ensconced in octagonal wooden frames, originating from Barbados. These tokens, crafted during prolonged sea journeys, became cherished gifts for loved ones after prolonged absences. Inspired by this tradition, Melissa has ingeniously transformed the classic sailor’s valentines into stunning pieces of high-end jewelry. Features of this piece include:

  • 14K yellow gold
  • Mother of pearl, local whelk shells, salt water pearls, vintage cup shells, and diamond
  • Reversible compass design
  • Sapphire crystal cover
  • 41 mm high x 29 mm wide x 8.5 mm deep
  • Chain sold separately