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Forever Summer

Welcome to Melissa Dudley Designs, where each piece of jewelry is more than an adornment—it's a connection to the enchanting spirit of Nantucket. Our Forever Summer Collection features delicate shellwork paired with fine jewelry gems, capturing the essence of sunny days and beachside treasures. These rare specimen shells, collected worldwide, bring a unique flare to every piece. Embrace the charm of Nantucket with our handcrafted pieces designed to celebrate summer memories.

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  1. Mariner Shell Necklace
  2. Sundial Shell Pendant
  3. Sand Dollar Dangle Earrings in Sterling
  4. Natural Green Turban Shell Pendant
  5. Green Kelp Snail Shell Necklace
  6. Pearlized Snail Shell Pendant
  7. Pearlized Snail Shell Hoop Earrings
  8. Starfish Charm
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  9. Seaside Serenity Starfish Earrings
  10. Petite Kelp Snail Necklace
  11. Scallop Shell Charm
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  12. Scallop Shell Charm
  13. Shell Necklace in Sterling
  14. Sea Glass Charm
  15. Pearl Charm
  16. Coastal Charm Necklace in Gold
  17. Coastal Charm Necklace in Sterling