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Sailor's Valentine

Our Sailors' Valentines collection beautifully blends the enchantment of Nantucket's local beaches with the allure of far-flung shells. Discover love stories that span continents and capture the heart of the island.

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  1. Octagonal Diamond Pendant in Yellow and White Gold
  2. Octagonal Diamond Drop Earrings in Gold
  3. Mussel Shell Sailor's Valentine
  4. Heart Sailor's Valentine
  5. Apple Blossom Collector’s Box
  6. Blue Operculum Collector's Box White gold
  7. Seafarer's Sparkle shell Sailor's Valentine
  8. Operculum and Sea Urchin Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  9. Green Nerite Sailor's Valentine Pendant
  10. Blue Operculum Collector's Box Silver
  11. Orange Sea Urchin Collector's Box in Gold
  12. Sea Urchin Starfish Mini Sailors Valentine
  13. Flower burst Sailor's Valentine Pendant
  14. Winter Wonderland Medium Sailors Valentine in Gold
  15. Collectors Box Small Pendant in Gold
  16. Zebra Shell Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  17. Zebra Snowflake Mini Sailors Valentine
  18. Apple Blossom Flower Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  19. Sailors Valentine Medium Size Pendant in Gold
  20. Sea Urchin and Starfish Collector’s Box
  21. Pink Operculum Flower Sailor's Valentine in Sterling
  22. Dragonfly Sailor's Valentine Pendant
  23. Blue Operculum Sailor’s Valentine in Sterling
  24. Blue and White Operculum Sailor’s Valentine in Sterling