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Sailor's Valentine - Medium

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  1. Onyx Sailor's Valentine
    Sold Out
  2. Sailors Valentine Medium Size Pendant in Gold
    Sold Out
  3. Sea Urchin Spine Sailor's Valentine
  4. Pink Tourmaline Sailor's Valentine
  5. Medium Sunflower Sailor's Valentine
  6. Zebra Shell Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  7. Blue Operculum and Sea Urchin Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  8. Winter Wonderland Medium Sailors Valentine in Gold
  9. Snowflake Sailor’s Valentine
  10. Starfish Sailor’s Valentine in Sterling
  11. Mussel Shell Sailor's Valentine
  12. Flower burst Sailor's Valentine Pendant
  13. Blue and White Operculum Sailor’s Valentine in Sterling
  14. Apple Blossom Flower Sailor’s Valentine in Gold