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  1. Versatile Cable Chain Necklace in Gold
  2. Nantucket Navigation Bracelet in Sterling
  3. Versatile Wheat Chain in Gold
  4. Versatile Shell Necklace with Charm Holder
  5. White Cup Shell Collector’s Box in Sterling
  6. Green Nerite Collector’s Box in Sterling
  7. Apple Blossom Collector’s Box in Sterling
  8. Blue Operculum Sailor’s Valentine in Sterling
  9. Blue Operculum Collector's Box Silver
  10. Gift Card
  11. Pink Operculum Flower Sailor's Valentine in Sterling
  12. Nantucket Compass Sapphire Cuff Links
  13. Shell Necklace in Sterling
  14. Compass Diamond Stud Earring
  15. Versatile Paperclip Chain in Gold
  16. Shark Tooth Charm in Gold
  17. Compass Love Mandala Pendant  in Sterling