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  1. Nantucket Compass Charm with Diamond in Sterling Silver
  2. Nantucket Compass Charm in Sterling Silver
  3. Octagonal Diamond Pendant in Yellow and White Gold
  4. Nantucket Butterfly Pendant in Gold
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  5. Commemorative Coin Pendant in Gold & Sterling
  6. Commemorative Coin Pendant in Gold
  7. Brant Point Charm in Sterling Silver
  8. Ocean Bloom Treasure in Gold
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  9. Sea Urchin Spine Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver
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  10. Apple Blossom Flower Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
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  11. Blue Flower Sailor's Valentine Pendant in Sterling Silver
  12. Nantucket Love Pendant in Gold
  13. Nantucket Love Pendant  in Sterling
  14. Nantucket Gold Compass Charm in Gold
  15. Moon Mandala Pendant in Gold
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  16. Moon Mandala Charm in Sterling Silver
  17. Ladybug Charm in Sterling Silver
  18. Compass Love Mandala Pendant in Gold
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  19. Bee Charm in Sterling Silver
  20. Diamond Brant Point Token