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Star Charm in Gold

  • $995.00

Stars hold a special place in our hearts, representing protection, wonder, and positivity across cultures. Whether we gaze at them in prayer or make wishes upon them, stars carry messages of hope and aspiration. In modern art, stars represent beauty and the potential for greatness. Just like celebrities, stars shine brightly in the night sky, captivating us with their brilliance.

Our new Gold Star Pendant carries this message of radiance and potential. When you wear this pendant, it's a reminder that you, too, are a shining star capable of amazing things. Embrace positivity, hope, and inner light with this charming pendant. It's a symbol of your own unique and incredible journey.

  • Polished yellow gold (engravable)
  • .15 ct diamonds
  • 11 mm high X 11 mm wide X 4.5 mm deep