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Necklaces & Chains

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  1. Versatile Wheat Chain in Sterling Silver
  2. Versatile Wheat Chain in Sterling Silver
  3. Versatile Flat Link Gold Chain
  4. Versatile Diamond Cut Rope Chain in Sterling
  5. Versatile Cable Chain Necklace in Gold
  6. Versatile Wheat Chain in Gold
  7. Versatile Diamond Chain in Gold
  8. Solid Oval Link Chain
  9. Green Kelp Snail Shell Necklace
  10. Pearl Gold Necklace (N4)
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  11. Versatile Shell Necklace with Charm Holder in Sterling Silver
  12. Shell Necklace in Sterling
  13. Versatile Wheat Chain Necklace in Gold
  14. Versatile Round Neck Wire in Gold
  15. Versatile Paperclip Chain in Gold
  16. Versatile Diamond Cable Chain in Gold
    Sold Out
  17. Solid Oval Link Chain (CH111)
  18. Mariner Shell Necklace
  19. Petite Kelp Snail Necklace
  20. Golden Stories Charm Necklace
  21. Versatile 2.4mm Solid Flat Oval Link
  22. Verastile Rounded Box Chain in Gold
  23. Versatile Diamond Cable Chain in Gold
  24. Coastal Charm Necklace in Gold