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  1. Octagonal Diamond Pendant in Yellow and White Gold
  2. Golden Stories Charm Necklace
  3. Diamond Brant Point Token
  4. Whisper of the Sea in Gold
  5. Mussel Shell Sailor's Valentine in Gold
  6. Sea Urchin and Starfish Collector’s Box in Gold
  7. Blue Operculum and Sea Urchin Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  8. Zebra Shell Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  9. Snowflake Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  10. Eternity Platinum Diamond Ring
  11. Versatile Mesh Necklace in Gold
  12. Commemorative Coin Pendant with Diamond Framed in Gold
  13. Nantucket Compass Solid Link Bracelet in Gold
  14. Octagonal Diamond Drop Earrings in Gold
  15. Flower burst Sailor's Valentine Pendant in Gold