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Collectible Coins

Celebrate Nantucket's rich heritage with our stunning Commemorative Coins. From affordable tokens to luxurious 14k gold and diamond-adorned creations, each piece embodies a unique story of this island, connecting us to its past, present, and sustainable future. 

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  1. Brant Point Charm in Copper
  2. Commemorative Coin Pendant in Gold
  3. Brant Point Woven Bracelet in Sterling
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  4. Commemorative Coin Pendant in Sterling & Gold
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  5. Brant Point Charm in Silver
  6. Brant Point Link Bracelet in Gold
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  7. Commemorative Coin Pendant with Diamond Framed in Gold
  8. Commemorative Coin Pendant in Sterling
  9. Commemorative Coin in Sterling
  10. Brant Point Charm in Gold