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Brant Point Woven Bracelet in Gold

  • $950.00

There is an old Nantucket legend that says if you toss a penny off the side of the ferry as you round Brant Point on your way to Hyannis, you’ll be guaranteed to come back to the island. The legend was immortalized in a children’s book called Two Pennies Overboard, which was about two children that returned from an ill-timed sailing adventure after one of them had thrown two pennies over the side of the boat as they passed the lighthouse. The title of the book has caused some people to believe that the cost of returning is two pennies, but the truth of the story, at least according to legend, is that the price is only one penny per person. The trouble with this tradition, however, is that the pennies so many people throw from the ferry are not good for the health of Nantucket Harbor.

 This 14k gold Brant Point token is an environmentally-friendly homage to that legend. Featuring images of both Brant Point Lighthouse and the island of Nantucket –designed by Nantucket jeweler Melissa Dudley and artist Chris Bonelli – the coin is a perpetual reminder of the magic of this special place. To make its power even stronger, “Safe Returns” is engraved on the token, ensuring that you will one day come back to the Little Grey Lady. And the best part is that you never have to part with it to come back to Nantucket, all while keeping the harbor safe and healthy. Allow the magic contained within this coin to rekindle your memories of the island until you are able to return once again.

 I will be donating 20% of all proceeds from sales of this token to the Town of Nantucket’s water quality program. I hope that this small step by me – paired with the small step of so many others – will lead to larger changes in the way we treat our natural resources. Nantucket Harbor is a priceless resource, and together we can help keep it clean for future generations.

  • 14k yellow gold
  • beige cord
  • Adjustable