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Commemorative Coin in Sterling Silver

  • $75.00

Explore the charm of Nantucket with our Reversible Commemorative Coin. On one side, you'll find a delicate Rosa Rugosa flower, a local treasure. On the other, an image that proudly declares 'Town, County, and Island.' Nantucket is one of the few places in the USA to claim this distinction.

This sterling silver coin is more than just a keepsake; it's a versatile piece that can also serve as a gold ball marker. With a spot in the Nantucket Historical Museum's collection, this coin holds historical significance.

Carry a piece of Nantucket's heart and history with you as you become a part of our island's story. Join us in celebrating the beauty of Nantucket and our commitment to its sustainable future. Discover the magic of Nantucket with our Commemorative Coin today.

  • Sterling silver
  • Approximately 24mm x 2mm deep