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Nantucket Compass Thick Woven Bracelet in Sterling Silver

  • $225.00
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Slate 4-strand
Indigo 4-strand
Indigo/Slate 6-strand
Fog 4-Strand

Introducing our Nantucket Collection, a heartfelt tribute to the timeless charm of the island. Melissa's classic handwoven bracelet is more than just jewelry; it's your daily companion, designed with care and crafted from sterling silver.

With a thicker unisex weave that's both substantial and stylish, this bracelet offers the perfect balance of presence and versatility. It's stackable, allowing you to mix and match with your other favorites.

One side features the essence of Nantucket, while the other proudly showcases a compass. It's a wearable piece of the island's charm, allowing you to choose your mood and style for the day. Each thread, each knot, tells a story of artistry, optimism, and the beauty of Nantucket. Wear it daily, and let it accompany you on your journey, reminding you of the classic charm that inspired its creation.

  • Reversible Nantucket / Compass
  • Woven bracelet
  • Adjustable clasp