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From the walk down the aisle to the everlasting memories of the day, our wedding collection offers exquisite pieces that complement the love and joy of the occasion.

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  1. Nantucket Compass Thin Woven Bracelet in Sterling Silver
  2. Brant Point Charm
  3. Nantucket Compass Charm with Diamond in Sterling Silver
  4. Nantucket Silver Compass Charm in Sterling Silver
  5. Octagonal Diamond Pendant in Yellow and White Gold
  6. Meditation Single Stone Woven Bracelet
  7. Brant Point Charm in Sterling Silver
  8. Moon Mandala Charm in Sterling Silver
  9. Moon Mandala Pendant in Gold
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  10. Nantucket Gold Compass Charm in Gold
  11. Nantucket Compass Thin Weave Bracelet in Gold
  12. Reversible Nantucket Compass Bracelet in Sterling Silver