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Inspired by both land and sea, this distinctive collection comes to life in exquisite jewelry. From the ladybug symbolizing luck and prosperity to the swallow carrying love on her wings to the starfish as a reminder of the ocean's treasures, each piece embodies the beauty and magic in the natural world. Whether cast from real treasures or born from imaginative designs, these creations are meticulously crafted in gold, silver, and precious gems.

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  1. Sand Dollar Dangle Earrings in Sterling
    Sold Out
  2. Ladybug Charm in Sterling Silver
  3. Bee Charm in Silver
  4. Bee Dangle Earrings in Silver
  5. Starfish Charm in Sterling
  6. Shark Tooth Charm in Gold
  7. Seahorse Pendant in Sterling
  8. Sand Dollar Charm in Sterling
  9. Ladybug Charm 14k Gold
  10. Bee Charm in Gold
  11. Seahorse Pendant in Gold
  12. Swallow Pendant in Sterling