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Mother's Day

Honor the special women in your life with something wonderful this Mother's Day. Choose from elegant pieces that reflect her strength, beauty, and grace.

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  1. Nantucket Compass Thin Woven Bracelet in Sterling Silver
  2. Nantucket Compass Charm with Diamond in Sterling Silver
  3. Brant Point Charm in Sterling Silver
  4. Shell Necklace in Sterling
  5. Nantucket Love Pendant  in Sterling
  6. Nantucket Compass Thin Weave Bracelet in Gold
  7. Winter Wonderland Sailors Valentine
    Sold Out
  8. Whisper of the Sea in Gold
  9. Medium Sunflower Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver
  10. Gift Card
  11. Eternity Platinum Diamond Ring
  12. Diamond Compass Stud Earring
  13. Compass Love Mandala in Sterling Silver
  14. Compass Diamond Stud Earring in Sterling Silver
  15. Blue Operculum and Sea Urchin Sailor’s Valentine in Gold
  16. Apple Blossom Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver
  17. Apple Blossom Collector’s Box in Gold