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Mark this significant milestone with a gift that lasts a lifetime. Our graduation collection features inspiring jewelry that celebrates achievement and new beginnings.

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  1. Nantucket Compass Thin Woven Bracelet in Sterling Silver
  2. Nantucket Compass Charm with Diamond in Sterling Silver
  3. Nantucket Silver Compass Charm in Sterling Silver
  4. Nantucket Compass Thin Weave Bracelet in Gold
  5. Nantucket Gold Compass Charm in Gold
  6. Compass Love Mandala Pendant in Gold
    Sold Out
  7. White Cup Shell Collector’s Box in Sterling
  8. Nantucket Compass Pendant
  9. Nantucket Compass Sapphire Cuff Links
  10. Diamond Compass Stud Earring
  11. Compass Love Mandala in Sterling Silver
  12. Compass Diamond Stud Earring in Sterling Silver
  13. Angel Wing Charm in Gold