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New for Spring

Celebrate the renewal of Spring with our latest collection. Fresh designs and vibrant details await to add a touch of brilliance to your seasonal wardrobe.

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  1. Zebra Shell Collector's Box in Sterling Silver
  2. Bee Dangle Earrings in Sterling Silver
  3. Woven Pearl Bracelet
  4. Meditation Bracelet in Sterling Silver
  5. Sea Urchin Spine Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver
    Sold Out
  6. Diamond Bale
  7. Medium Sunflower Sailor's Valentine in Sterling Silver
  8. Diamond Compass Stud Earring
  9. Pearl Gold Necklace (N4)
  10. Verastile Rounded Box Chain in Gold
  11. Solid Oval Link Chain
  12. Whisper of the Sea in Gold
  13. Ocean Bloom Treasure in Gold